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Correct camera angle during registration?  


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15/04/2019 4:22 am  

I am a new user. I have some data collected over several nights with LRGBHaOiii filters. I must have changed the camera angle between nights. Not 180 degrees like a flip but just a random amount. My stacked frames came out with different angles. Really looks odd on the "All" data stacked that I may try for luminance. Do I correct this with the "Flip descriptors" and "Dynamic distortion correction" during registration?

Can I go back and just re-register the stacks to correct? The stacks all look good. They are just at different angles.

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16/04/2019 10:58 am  

Yes, you should be able to load them all in, assign the data via "multi-channel/filter processing" so APP knows about the various different data and register them all together.