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2023-04-17: APP 2.0.0-beta17 has been released !

RAW support for camera color matrix with Bayer Drizzle integration, fixed couple of image viewer issues.


We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...


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[Sticky] Blue screen crashes

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Hi Mabula,

This is actually a solution, not a problem  🙂 

For a long while APP ran very stable on my PC ( 4.2 Ghz 8 core with 16 gig ram. ) 4 days ago , in the middle of processing registration, the system crashed and rebooted. This happened with increasing frequency until I couldn't even complete registration.  No problems with any other programs including PS, Star Tools, Registax and Astroart. 

Interestingly, a process test of the CPU showed that all 7 cores run at over 95% during calculations. I found a program that stress tests CPUs.  - Hot CPU Tester 4.4  About two hours in, it found the problem...........Error in Fast Fourier Transform in Core 3.

I disabled that core in task manager. Straight run with 4 stacks no problems since.

I offer this as a possible path for anyone else encountering similar crashes - it seems APP is a bit rough on CPUs.

FYI, two PC tech companies told me you can't disable a specific core. Easy enough it turns out. Go into Task Manager while APP is running and uncheck the problem core in Affinity tab.



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Hi Gary,

This is actually a solution, not a problem

Excellent, always welcome 😉

I know about stress testing a PC, if a PC fails with a blue screen it means some hardware part is most likely unstable. So it also means that the problem is in the hardware or the bios settings for the hardware. Theoretically, you need to have settings that can run a stresstest for 24hours without crashing if you want to have a 100% stable system.

I have done some overclocking with my PCs in the past few years and from experience I know that if your PC can't handle a stress test with bios default settings, probably a hardware part is up for replacement ;-( I used to have my my icore i7 930 cpu overclocked for about 25%  (2,8Ghz on 4 cores/8threads to 3,5GHz) and I never exeperienced crashes while APP was working for hours with high CPU usage, until one day I got a blue screen. I then ran a stresstest and after 6 hours I got a blue screen as well. I relaxed the overclock settings 6 months ago to only 12,5 %, ran a stresstest for 12 hours without problems. And in the past 6 months, I didn't get any blue screen on my pc using whatever software.

So yes, if users experience a blue screen while APP is working hard, they should look for the problem in their hardware/bios setttings, because it most likely means that some part of the system becomes unstable.

Kind regards,


P.s. i have made this a sticky..

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Thanks for this, I've been having similar issues on integration.  The workaround I found was to dial down the threads to 1, causes it to run silly slowly but it gets there.

I'll give that CPU stress tester a go and see if it finds a similar issue.