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1.078 Constructing Frame List Panel

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First things first. Mabula thank you for the tremendous work. I really like the changes in 1.077 and now in 1.078. I have done a number of tests with automatic vs manual selections and in most cases it is on par with any of my best attempt at manual settings. 

I do however seem to have find a small snag. May even be a setting that I am not aware off .

Screen seems to get stuck on this below when trying to adjust the number of subs that should be used in integration.  I have a total of 961 subs


Recommendations will be appreciated. 



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Interesting, thanks for notifying us! I would recommend splitting your images up though, like 300 per integration or so. It would be a more efficient way to process them and you can then reload the 3 integrations back in as lights and register and process those.

I'll let Mabula know. And thank you for your appreciation, very kind!