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Can't open final Integrated file anymore.

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So I've never run into this issue before but recently every time i get to the final step of integration the generated file can't be opened without the app crashing.  I've tried the following:

-stepped through the entire process multiple times.
-Tried just loading the generated integration file into the project

The same thing happens everytime.  I double click to open the integration file and the progress bar gets 75% of the way and then it just crashes.  No error or anything.  


Mac version: Catalina 10.15.7
APP verison: 1.082


If anyone knows of any fixes or workarounds I really just want view the final integrated .fits file and do the light pollution removal and calibrate star colors.


Thanks in advance


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@cole20444 Hi Cole,

Could you please upload the file to

so we can have a look at it? Use upload for both username and password. Create a directory called cole20444_crash and put the file in there. Let us know here when the upload is done and we will investigate. Thanks!