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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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Considering buying an owners licence

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Hello I’m thinking of buying an owners license. Can you confirm whether there is a new version of the software coming soon? Not sure if i want to pay and pay again afterwards. Thanks 



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1.083 has only just been released so I'd say you're relatively safe but of course I am not the person to really answer that question.

I also realise that the view of the cost of things varies person to person but why not try the renter's licence? I know some folk really do not like that method of payment but in the grand scheme of (huge) Astro costs.....

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@stuartmyatt76 As indicated, 1.083.2 has just been released and Mabula already started working on 1.084. So far nobody who bought an owners license has been charged for a new version of APP. But it is up to Mabula to decide this. I've asked him to comment here as well. 

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Hi Stu @stuartmyatt76 and Martin @scotty38,

Since we have launched APP in 2017, we have never asked an upgrade price for Owner's license users for the new version. But we might ask one later this year depending on how the speed of development will be. We have many plans for new functionality and upgrades of existing tools down the road.

Such an upgrade fee would only happen once every 3-4 years is the idea, and if we launch such an upgrade that requires an upgrade fee for existing Owner's license users, the regular price of the Owner's license would increase with the same amount.

So right now the Owner's lincense is €165 excl. VAT. If the upgrade fee would be €15 excl. VAT, then the new price for new Owner's license buyers would become 165+15 = €180 excl. VAT.

The price of the upgrade would be 10-15% of the initial price, really depending on the contents of the upgrade of course.

Please let me know if this answers all of your concerns and questions.


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If past upgrades are an indication of the future, in my opinion you are better off just buying the owner's license. Consider an owner who purchased a license 3 or 4 years ago vs. a renter over thee same 3 or 4 years.

Both have access to the same version of the software but the renter has paid more $$$ and still has to continue renting or buy an owner's license. There is no renter to owner license discount, and no owners have been charged an upgrade fee.