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First APP Image - NGC6995  


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September 27, 2018 07:28  

I've been following some of the APP tutorials and was getting interested. I've been using PI for a couple years and it has a great feature set but the interface is difficult. I liked the APP interface, looks a lot like Lightroom, which I use.

I downloaded the trial version this morning. I've been collecting narrowband data on NGC6995, the Eastern Veil, for the last week. A lot of it was poor, due to high humidity and hazy conditions, plus a number of frames were rotated about 10 degrees. I decided to give APP a real challenge! I loaded 149 lights, 76 flats, 100 darks and 50 biases, chose the Quality weight, and hit GO. Was fun to watch my PC chew through all that data and create and apply all the masters. Went through normalization, star analysis/alignment, and integration. The Ha and O3 masters looked nice. Did a simple HOO RGB combine and was flabbergasted at the quality out of the box. So here is my first APP image, with no real post processing except some Selective color and playing with the Preview settings. And not only did APP get good result out of a very average data set, it was fast and fun! Loved playing with the RGB combine sliders and the Selective color. Anyway here is a JPG of the Eastern Veil, ASI1600 camera on an AstroPhysics GTX130 running at f/4.5. 76 2 minute Ha subs and 73 4 minute O3 subs.



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September 27, 2018 23:23  

Hi @whixson,

Thank you very much for the detailed description of your first APP image 😉

It's great to see that you were able to get such a good result while being new to APP !

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