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enable legends and translation (CC) on vimeo

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I would like to ask the site and vimeo administrator to include the subtitles of the videos so that people of other languages ​​can understand the tutorials.
I'm a new APP user, I'm still in the evaluation period and I noticed that the tutorial videos are on vimeo. I'm used to watching all the videos on youtube, because there I can translate any language into mine (Portuguese). I did a search and found the link below that teaches the admin to enable translated subtitles and close captions.
I would also like to congratulate you for the wise choice of making a lifetime subscription available for the program, as any monthly or annual subscription is out of my plans.


link tutorial

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Dear Fernando,

I have forwarded your request to Mabula.

Thanks, Wouter

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Dear Fernando @nandopaz11,

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

I will keep this in mind for new video tutorials, I have made a note for this to check and make possible perhaps.

For the existing video tutorials, I do not have any subtitles that vimeo could translate and it would actually be a huge task to make these subtitles for the existing tutorials now which I hope you can understand.