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[Sticky] Hasselblad 3FR & fff: tested camera models  


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January 19, 2020 20:52  

The following camera models have been tested in the soon to be released APP 1.076:


  • CFV-16
  • CF-22
  • H4D-60
  • H3DII-39
  • X1D-50C
  • X1D II 50C



  • H4D-40
  • H5D-40
  • H5D-50C
  • CFV-50
  • H6D-100CMS


If your camera model is not on this list, please share one of your 3FR or fff files and I will add full support for your camera.

Please upload your unsupported raws to:

login and password: appuser

and upload them to the UnsupportedRaws folder and I'll add the camera model to APP.

Be aware: APP will read all 3FR & fff files, but if your camera is not on this list yet, correct interpretation of your data cannot be fully guaranteed .

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