weird unremovable lightpolution?  


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February 10, 2019 21:12  

In my latest image from ngc2244, i've got a weird sort of lightpolution in the lower leftside of the image. I've tried with new flats, and some other settings, but for a newbie with just 2 weeks of experience with the APP trial, i can't remove it. Either with the light polution filter or other tools. The program looks very good so far, so the chance of buying it wil be 100%, but i would like to get someone's opinion on this. Program is perfect, so it's likely that the person behind the buttons is the error in this haha. 

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this is the link to the image, from 60 subs of 180 second, at iso 800, without darks because of dithering. But with bias, flats, and a bad pixel map ofcourse.

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February 11, 2019 21:46  

Hi @marcieow,

Thank you for your question and welcome to the APP forum 😉

First of all, it's a great result to start with I think.

From the image shown, it is not clear to what "weird sort of light pollution" 🙂 you refer ? It looks all okay to me. Perhaps with a stronger stretch it is more apparent to see ?

Can you share a JPG with a stronger stretch to indicate what the problem might be ?

Kind regards,



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February 12, 2019 15:58  

If you open the flickr link then it is clear that the left edge of the image, and most notably the lower left, is lighter than the right edge.


HTH, Wouter

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February 12, 2019 22:44  

As Wreeven mentioned, it's in tje left lower part of the image. Iv, e looked at widefield shots, but it shoudlnt be like  this. Also it was not  possible to remove  with tools. Maybe it,s my  inexperience, i think i need a little push in the right direction haha. If you need more info or files please let me know. Thanks in advance!  😋