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Registration fails in 1.077 and 1.078  


Brown Dwarf Customer
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April 6, 2020 21:19  

Hello Mabula / Vincent,

Using versions 1.077 and 1.078 registration of 600s light frames is failing for 4 out of 6 frames. When using version 1.074.1 the problem does not arise.


Camera is an Atik460 EX producing FITS files.

Star analysis is working properly and around 30-35 stars have been identified. Not much, but hopefully sufficient for the registration step?


Best, Ruud

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April 8, 2020 12:46  

That is very low indeed, but when the data in general is still ok that should still work. Could you upload like 10 frames, 5 that work and 5 that fail to our server? We will have a look then. User login/password: appuser and create a directory named "Ruud-registration-failure" and upload them into it. Thanks in advance!