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Extracting narrowband data from multi narrowband filter shot on a OSC  


Molecular Cloud Customer
Joined: 2 years ago
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November 18, 2019 16:20  

Is there a step by step workflow posted or tutorial that describes how extract narrowband data from an image set shot on a OSC with a narrowband filter such as a OPTcorp TriadUltra and assigning them into an integrated RGB image?

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Brown Dwarf Customer
Joined: 3 years ago
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November 18, 2019 20:20  

Look video tutorial 

AstroStace ! The same for ''Dual band filters'' like Optolong L-enhance (or Astronomik UHC) or similar filters...

Molecular Cloud Customer
Joined: 12 months ago
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September 27, 2020 23:22  

Hello there Brown Dwarf,

You are very smart young Lady & I like like your astro videos.

Sorry to bother you but request help if you would be so kind.  I just got a trial download of latest  APP ver 1.082. And trying to follow your procedure for Processing on L-Enhance subs. I have just ONE sub  captured with an ASI183MC w/ L-en filter via SharpCap Live Stack. Spitting into RGB channels works fine. But can't seem to extract HA or OIII from my L-Enhance Sub:

1. After split into R,G,B I exit APP to be safe & come back selecting Tab 0, checking Force Bayer/x-Trans CFA & selecting HA/OIII - Extract HA.

2. Load my original L-Enhance sub, don't do Registration ( I have only one sub ) & integrate but I end up always with an RGB image. ( eg - no file with HA-Extract.tiff suffix as shown in stojang's ( UK Astro girl ) U-Tube video on Altair TriBand Filter Processing which is linked on APP Forum with your Procedure. 

appreciate any input & hope All's good in the U. K.,
Mike Stephens ( Veradale, WA in NW )