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August 27, 2018 15:46  


I have been using APP for a little while now and while the workflow and processing are generally excellent I would like to request a few usability related features:

  • Make better use of the screen by removing all the elements above the working directory button. Instead put them on a config dialog which is activated by a small button.
  • Make the current directory button much smaller and line up with the config button.
  • Add the notion of a project which remembers working dir, file lists, settings etc. These can then be loaded in one go rather than having to reload manually. Of course, if APP understands projects then there is no need for a working directory button, only new and load project buttons.
  • Make the default location for the working directory (or project) the user’s pictures folder rather than documents. Remember the last location if available.
  • Add the ability to use APP as an image viewer – at the moment I have to use another program (AA) to browse images and quickly view them to check if any are dud or not. This would require windows file associations to work so that clicking on a FITS file opens it in APP. It would also require drag and drop of multiple files.

regards, Richard