Crash on Calibratio...

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Crash on Calibration  


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August 18, 2018 09:35  

I previously reported a separate instance of this under General but have had another slightly different issue so thought it best to raise it here - but please see the issue raised in General as well as another user has had the same issue.

I got the same issue as last time in that Calibration ran to 90% and then failed - see image.

The difference this time was that I was only running a single session - multiple filter (last time included 2 sessions).

Additionally I ran this session with only:

  • Lights (LRGB)
  • Flats
  • Dark Flats
  • BIAS
  • No Darks

APP Issue 2

It would be good if this could be fixed soon as I am having to revert to using DSS for Integration.



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August 19, 2018 23:52  

Hi @midnight_lightning,

I have seen the other post, thanks.

I will investigate and fix this for next release. In both cases, the process stalls in creating the Bad Pixel Map at the same point when the final Bad Pixel Map is to be created, so I know where this occurs in my code 😉

Will update you once fixed, thanks for sharing 😉


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August 20, 2018 00:09  

Thanks Mabula.