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Usability features  


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September 26, 2019 08:57  

Hi, I am using APP for some time now, and I have a few comments on usability. Please excuse, if this may be already addressed earlier in the forum.

Playing around in the combine RGB dialog, I find it quite difficult to hit a certain value of e.g. 1.000 using the sliders. Would it be possible to enter the values directly into a numeric field? I think, if you finally found nice values, wouldn't it be useful, if you could save them as presets for future projects? This applies globally on APP at all.

Maybe, in some cases, it would be nice, if you could detach an image view from the main panel in order to compare different results.

Anyway, this is a great software and I like it very much. Thanks to Mabula and his team for providing this!



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September 27, 2019 13:05  

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I agree that would be nice to have and my guess is Mabula is thinking about things like this already (@mabula-admin).