Things URGENTLY needed in APP  


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November 8, 2018 20:33  

After using APP for a few months, here are my basic recommendations for functions that need to the added urgently.

TWO of them are basic software-expected-features in 2018:

1- an UNDO/REDO button;  to bring you back in an instant to a previous version of an image while editing,

2- a SAVE USER PRESET when stretching images.    It is impossible right now to save settings that works well on my images after an editing session.  This is true for stretching and when working with SHO images.  

The third one is probably a lot harder to implement but an INSTANT PREVIEW of the changes made with the slider would make things SO MUCH MORE fluent and make this software so much more competitive!!  Whether is is just a part of the image or the whole image image under a lower resolution, a preview would cut editing time tremendously.

Analyzing stars also takes a long time on my computer.  Enough that when stacking anything more than 30 subs I still prefer to go to DSS.

otherwise , thank you for the fine work you have done so far on this very good software.



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November 8, 2018 21:46  

I second the above along with LP and gradient removal tools...  Also better noise reduction.

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November 8, 2018 21:52  

Thanks for the ideas! LP and gradient removal is already there, in the tools tab where it's called "remove light pollution"

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November 10, 2018 07:06  

I agree on a few NEEDED now  items ... 

1- Undo Redo PLEASE!!!

2- load all subs and BLINK them in the main viewer to see what can be junked on the fly with a NEXT button / arrow on EACH side.

3-the click on the radio button of each slider could be easier if we could use the Arrow right left to move it along  in faster segments , especially if your starting at 0.000020 and moving up..  the mouse is a KILLER  when used to move the slider by 1/1000 of an inch.. LOL

as we go along i will have dozens of please ADD THIS to APP  ... :"-)


Thanks Mabula  and Vincent for being there for me as we work together on this Awesome program.