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Batch Integration  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
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November 4, 2018 23:14  

This is an awesome program, but there is a feature I can't find any info on if its avail....

Is batch processing avail like in Deep Sky Stacker?

Say, I have a 4 panel Ha mosaic of NGC2023.  

Each panel has 10 subs each.

I will use the same MasterDark, MasterFlat and BPM for each panel.

I want to be able to load all 40 subs into APP and set up 4 batches, Panel1, Panel2, Panel3 and Panel4. 

One click, and APP processes  Panel1_Integration, Panel2_Integration, Panel3_integration....

Then I can mosaic the integrated panels.

Currently I have to integrate Panel 1, walk away, come back, select Panel2 subs, click, walk away, repeat...

Why?  If I load all subs and try to integrate into a mosaic, it takes a whole lot longer than doing the 4 panel integration independently and then mosaicing off the integrated panels.