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Star roundness correction

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Since I occasionally fight wind or bad guiding I sometimes have stars that aren't quite round. I would like to see something that would be able to correct stars that aren't quite round. You already have FWHM measurements taking place, and there is already star detection and even star shrinking or removal I would think that you could put in place something that would measure the eccentricity fo the stars, then do either a shrink to bring the maximum measurement down to the same diameter as the minimum measurement, or even something to bring the stars into a new layer, expand then shrink them to make them round, and then recombine that with the background image. However it is done I think it would be a great addition to the tools tab.

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That would be deconvolution I think, that's something we have on our list of features for sure.

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Just an off the cuff remark, but couldnt it be possible to include a rounding function as part of the star reducer algorithm?

as said, you know the deformation already, and you are redrawing the stars already as part of the reduction.

just an idea 🤷‍♂️