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Star removal out of memory error

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Running 1.083-beta2 on a Mac. I have 32 gigs of ram, and I set aside 28 for APP. Still am receiving an OOM error on a very large mosaic image (100 megapixel + )

Starnet++ will work on this image but it does junk up the image into many smaller pieces, maybe that needs to be done - otherwise I would assume some memory is not being freed up that should be in this case, as it hardly seems like the star removal should use more memory than the actual stacking of the same image

I can post the large image, but it wil take forever as I am on DSL and upload is very slow, the image is 320 mb.





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Yes, the beta has an issue I think with the amount of memory it consumes, Mabula is aware of it and working on a better version of the tool. Thanks for reporting!