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Forground registation an stacking?

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Hi Mabula, Vincent and Wouter,

I know, it's a lot of work you have done and you're still going.

Great work till now.

I realy like APP, caused by it's Mosaik-skills and the whole rest.


Just a thought for the future changes, is it possible to full process Night-Landscape-Picture?

Like manuel mark the forground Objects and register the star background seperatly.

Till now I fight with Sequator and precorrected frames out of APP.

But the stacking in Sequator is.... just okay.

It would be nice to stack right in APP.

This would be a single marker to APP, cause most astrophoto programs can only do full sky or Landscape.


Just a thought.


Go on like this, Sven


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It is an area I know Mabula wants to look at as well, but not a high priority. What you can always do is to stack in APP, then in PS for instance replace the blurry foreground with the foreground of a well lit and sharp image.