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Moving/Removing selection area boxes

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This would pertain to the Tools area obviously. Right now you can only remove selections in a LIFO fashion except in light pollution removal where you can remove red/yellow boxes. It would be great to be able to select a box and change its size and position of a selection area.

In the same way, I would like to see the crop tool have a movable selection area so you can more easily drag corners or sides to reposition different crop ideas. Maybe even a tool to suggest an auto crop based on problems in the edge pixels.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I agree and will forward this to Mabula. I think he already has this in mind for a future version.

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In addition to being able to move selection boxes, it would be useful to be able to delete any box.

Also I'd often like to save the pattern of boxes so it could be reloaded for use on other images (for example, use the same selection boxes in light pollution removal tool for other filters in a set registered files).