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Crash Report v1.082 - normalize subset of frames, missing Ref.Frame

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Hi, Guys,

seems silly to miss the reference frame out when normalising, but it's quite easy to do when splitting the lights into panel-sized groups... what I don't expect is a complete lock-up of the main thread!

Looks like the UI thread is still running, since I can click on the <cancel> button, and it "presses", but it has no effect: I can also scroll the file list window, and, indeed, select different command tabs, but the main thread seems to be dead...



APP crash normalise no ref 2020 10 24 223531
APP crash normalise no ref cons 2020 10 24 223831


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Mm, shouldn't be the main thread as that is reserved for the UI.The cancel works when it finished a task I believe, will tag Mabula as he'll have a better understanding on the background on this @mabula-admin