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2023-03-15: APP 2.0.0-beta14 has been released !

IMPROVED FRAME LIST, sorting on column header click and you can move the columns now which will be preserved between restarts.


We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...


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[Sticky] Astro Pixel Processor 2.0.0-beta4 release notes

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Astro Pixel Processor 2.0.0-beta4 release notes


  • Improved and fixed star analysis

    3) ANALYSE STARS has again been improved to better deal with data that contains a lot of cosmic rays. Using more robust statistics, APP will no longer use cosmic rays as stars. In addition, several adjustments have been made in the code to better deal with different kinds of data, small stars versus big stars, low SNR (Signal to Noise Rate) data versus high SNR data. APP is now able to correctly detect and analyse stars in all our test data. We also fixed a bug in drawing of the star intensity contourplot in the star map image viewer mode.

  • Improved and fixed the frame-list selection procedure

    Added the ability to select a file with the right mouse-button when no prior selection exists. Going through files with the arrow keys now also works as expected, the file currently shown will be the one you can remove or perform other actions on.

  • Added the possibility to show or hide the right-hand preview panel

    A new button is added on top of the image viewer which enables you to show or hide the right-hand panel. This allows for more screen real estate for judging your image.

  • Fixed the jumpy behavior of window focus when moving between them in separate window mode

    This behavior is now gone and you can use the up/down arrow keys for scrolling through the files from any window, making it easy to e.g. zoom into an image to pixel-peep and immediately pressing the down or up keys to compare the data with other files.

  • Added the ability to show or hide all separate windows at once

    This is done via the main window, when hiding from there, all windows do so. Selecting the main window again to show it, all windows do. Hiding a window other than the main window will only hide the other window, so you can pick and choose what you want.

  • Fixed difference in line thickness between the CPU and GPU viewer, regarding the area select boxes