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2022-09-02: APP 2.0.0-beta4 has been released !

Release notes

Download links per platform:

windows 2.0.0-beta4

macOS x86_64 2.0.0-beta4

macOS arm64 M1 2.0.0-beta4

Linux DEB 2.0.0-beta4

Linux RPM 2.0.0-beta4

[Sticky] Astro Pixel Processor 2.0.0-beta3 release notes

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Astro Pixel Processor 2.0.0-beta3 release notes

  • FIXED macOS support: APP should now run again on older macOS versions before Big Sur 11.0. Minimum required macOS version is now macOS Sierra 10.12.6.
  • FIXED macOS LibRaw: libraw was not working correctly in beta1 and beta2 giving crashes when RAW frames were loaded. This is now fixed on Intel and M1/ARM hardware.
  • FIXED SAVE TO FITS: with non-ASCII character in reference file name like a degree sign is now fixed.
  • FIXED conversion to 32bits Integers:if you would save in 32bits Integer FITS files, the conversion to 32bits integers was not correct if you would convert from 32bits floats or 8bits integers. Both conversions are fixed. The conversion from 16bits integers to 32bits integers was already working correctly.
  • FIXED LICENSE INFO: sometimes the computer ID was not found when you check your license with the LICENSE button.
  • IMPROVED number of CPU Threads to use: the setting on the top left for number of CPU Threads to use will now be remembered between restarts of APP.
  • IMPROVED application header and LICENSE button information: both the application header and the information as shown with the LICENSE button regarding the APP version, now shows the hardware architecture of the machine on which APP was built. This is very usefull for macOS users that install an intel or arm/M1 build on their mac computers. The layout of the information as shown with the LICENSE button is also fixed for string lengths now.
  • FIXED Out Of Memory warning : we have fixed this warning when APP runs out of memory. The old pre-2.0 APP versions, allowed you the option to adjust RAM amount with the CFG menu. This is no longer possible, so we removed that part of the warning.