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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.041  


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May 26, 2017 12:56  

Astro Pixel Processor 1.041


  • Fixed, in regstration of frames, sometime a null pointer exception pops-up from the Find Best Registration Hypothesis module. This message popped-up because several exceptions weren't properly handled. The errors had no impact though on the registration result, but were rather annoying.
  • Fixed, error in new preview filter slider panel, gave error on EDT drawing due to not setting GUI change on EDT thread.
  • Fixed, calculation of needed HDD space for light frame integration task wasn't correct when Multi-Band Blending was used.
  • Added, console panel with output of processes is now added.
  • Fixed, during a "big" multiple view calculation, the GUI could freeze due to an error in one of the algebra modules.
  • Improvement, speed of Hessian creation in Trust Region Levenberg Marquardt algorithms has been increased.
  • Improvement, upgraded to latest version of EJML Matrix library.
  • Improvement, multiple view algorithms now support 10000 stars in the multiple view solution (used to be 6000), so mosaic solutions should be more robust now.
  • Fixed, GUI imageviewer, while scrolling in the imageviewer, sometimes the gui froze while scrolling due to drawing of a new histogram while scrolling.
  • SPEED Increase and Fixed, light integration with outlier rejection was slow due to inefficient array creation. This improvement/fix should really help with integration of big stacks.
  • Fixed, while running a preview filter, the tooltips (if enabled in the CFG menu) will be temporarily disabled. Other wise the tooltips can be a bit annoying while using the preview filter.


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