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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.034.2  


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May 6, 2017 13:03  

Astro Pixel Processor 1.034.2

  • FIXED problem with FITS data which has a forward slash "/" in the isntrument name. Gave problem with saving the calibration frames (André en Roberto possibly? )
  • CHANGED New adjustments in memory management, this should reduce the slowing down of the application when it does a long stack task.
  • SPEED Implemented an optimization in the stacker for 32bits data, which should speed it up somewhat.
  • IMPROVEMENT Implemented an out of memory protection for all stack compositions combined with integration scale factors (important for big mosaics). By rescaling the mosaic so it stays within memory limits, the user can at least make the integration if he has too little memory in his system for the chosen scale.
  • FIXED removed memory leak in stacker, now bigger stacks are possible without throwing a out of memory exception.
  • IMPROVEMENT optimized data conversion for 32bits float data being send to image viewer
  • FIXED LNC can be properly cancelled now, popup window doesn't stay alive
  • FIXED metadata is cleared as well when CLEAN button is pushed in 1)LOAD
  • IMPROVEMENT The weight file map is gone for normal itegration!, will only be there in case of drizzle/bayer drizzle because all pixels will have different weights due to the drizzle technique. This should speed up integration of non-drizzle stacks significantly.
  • FIXED reported needed HDD stack space is now correct when drizzle is used.
  • IMPROVEMENT image viewer memory is cleared from old image data when a new image is being loaded from the file list.

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