When are other RAW formats going to be supported?  


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December 8, 2018 14:53  

I've been waiting since I got APP for support of RWL (Leica) and RW2(Panasonic) file support. We shouldn't have to be forced to convert and lose metadata etc some other way to an inferior format when other RAW formats were said to be coming I think soon after the 1.5 release. Still no sign of this at all.

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December 19, 2018 04:03  

I was hoping based on discussions with Mabula that DNG support was imminent but it looks like it keeps getting lowered in priority. I would prefer Fuji X raw native support but I could settle for DNG, at least it lets me use the program. I hope that it is actually coming soon, we shall see I guess.




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December 19, 2018 04:13  

I don't think it's lowered on the priority list, it's just a matter of development time and sometimes a much needed break. At the moment it's still 1 person doing the coding so that makes it quite challenging to determine what gets developed first and there are bigger features on the list as well.