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Relevance of Sessions for processing lights captured on different nights but using the same calibration frames  


Red Giant Customer
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March 27, 2020 09:59  

Hi Mabula/Vincent,

In the UK we have recently had the benefit of several successive clear evenings - amazing!  As a result I have lights captured with the same camera/optics, for the same objects, captured over several evenings.  

If one has different calibration frames (flats) for each evening then I can appreciate the need to load the lights and corresponding flats into different sessions so they are correctly matched. Ditto if one has lights captured with different imaging systems

However I do not regularly capture flats for each sesson, so wish to calibrate several evenings' lights with the same calibation frames.   This being so, is there any value in loading each evening's subs into separate sessions for processing/integration.     I can appreciate that there will be variation in seeing etc between the different evenings, as there will also be between subs captured during the same evening.

So  my question is, is there anything in the way APP works that would benefit my loading my subs captured on different nights into separate sessions, and if so can you explain why?

Thanks in advance, and also for a wonderful product


Quasar Admin
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March 27, 2020 11:28  

Hi Mike and thank you!

Well, you can just load them up into 1 session, no problem. It's indeed handy to have multiple sessions when you want to calibrate them with different flats and such. And like you say, different conditions might be handy to have in different sessions as the quality stacking for instance will then be done per session and not in 1 (which results in the night with overall lower quality having less impact on the final result). This is to get the best quality end-result, but if you don't really care and just want the best signal then you can put them all into 1 basket. 🙂 Multiple sessions also allow you to integrate them per session and all at once at the same time, this allows you to tweak each session a bit in the end and then combine those again for instance. Or you put the lower quality session into a seperate folder and the highest in another and after a year or so you do a massive integration of only the highest or lowest qualities or both. It gives you more flexibility.