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2023-09-16: APP 2.0.0-beta23 has been released !

Improved performance again, CMD-A now works in macOS File Chooser, big improvement for bad column cosmetic correction, solved several bugs

We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...

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[Solved] Odd sharpen question

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Ok, I am loving APP and getting to grips.

im just thinking through options for my post processing process.

now I know that sliders in the viewing controls are only for viewing UNTIL you save from the right hand save button.

so I assume that, say, HSL modules changes etc are on the linear data, and saving from that function does not include any stretch function etc.?

But what about this. Say you use the viewer sliders to sharpen and get a nice setting, but then turn off stretch, select no stretch in ddp settings, and save from the viewer side. would that save  a sharpened linear image (akin to other softwares linear deconvolution)?

Is this possible at all, to sharpen but save unstretched i.e linear?




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Hi Andy @andybooth,

The sharpen slider on the right side, like all sliders on the right side are part of the preview filter. So if you deselect the stretch option below the histogram and then click on save, the sharpen slider will not be applied to the saved image.

To be able to sharpen on linear data, we will provide both a deconvolution tool and a better dedicated sharpen tool going forward 😉


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Thats fantastic news sir,

Thank you indeed!