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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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windows 2.0.0-beta2

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Flatframes Generation Error

White Dwarf Customer
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I am experimenting with flatframe exposure times. APP 1.082 will do my master-flatdarks correctly, if I put two different sets with two different exp.-times in the flatdarks bin. I get two sepparate master-flatdarks. But, APP puts all flats together in one master-flat, even if there are different exp.-times inside the flats bin.

I guess, this is a bug.






Quasar Admin
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Mmm, not sure it’s a bug. It uses the separate calibration files to correct the flats and since those are now well corrected, it can combine them. If you want to separate that you’d need multiple session processing or processing it separately first. Might be something to work on for clarity indeed.