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dumb? stacking question  


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September 30, 2019 18:00  

I've been at this a couple of years (but new to APP) and I've had great results. Recently - something popped into my head and I wondered... is it possible or really a stupid idea? 
say we shoot 4 nights of subs. And each night we stack the 50 we shot.
After 4 nights we have 200 subs and 3 versions of each night stacked?  (or the last 50 + 3 subs of previous 50 stacked)
Can we take the 50 from the 4th night and include the 4 other nights (stacked integration each of each nights individual subs?) I would try it but hate to waste the time if it's totally out of the question.   Instead of  200 individual subs? 



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October 1, 2019 10:54  

Yes you can do that, it's likely better to have separate frames processed together, but for sure you can stack each night on top of the other afterwards, so 4 integrated nights together. You can always do both scenarios to see for yourself if there is a difference or not, just once so you know if it's worth it.