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Crashed, log file? Better computer recommendations?

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So I have a computer I've been using to test APP with, it's not, like, super powerful.  Only about 17 years old (LOL).  8GB RAM, plenty of disk.
So I've been running it via a remote desktop and all that is great.  (Note I am using Ubuntu)

But now it seems that APP crashed while I was in the midst of registration.  Up to that point it was taking quite a long time, obviously maxed out on RAM and CPU utilization.

I was hoping to see why it crashed, but I cannot find any logs anwhere.  I see the program in /opt.  But nothing in /var/logs.

I suspect it crashed simply due to out of memory.

I guess I really need something better.


1) no log files anywhere?  Perhaps I can start APP myself and pass some options to java?

2) recommendations on a computer?  I'm looking at a 12 core AMD Ryzen 9 5900x.  With 128 GB Ram.  1TB SSD and 8TB HDD.  I will put Ubuntu on it.




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@jjarvis Hi Joel,

Regarding the log, in case of a crash there should be a crash log in the installation directory of APP. Note that this will only be there if the crash happened due to any other reason than an Out Of Memory error. Unfortunately we are not 100% sure that the log is written on Linux. On Windows or macOS it will be. So the lack of a crash log on your system may indicate an Out Of Memory error but also may not.

Regarding a recommendation for a new computer: APP requires much RAM and disk space. It looks like the specs of the computer that you selected meet those requirements.

HTH, Wouter

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if you have more budget for pc, I recommend choosing more capacities for SSD (PCIe Gen4)