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Correct colour for M42, Star Calibration...Red or Purple ??

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Wonder if folks can help me out on this processing? First decent attempt at M42. I'm pretty sure M42 is meant to be purple, or at least very dark red? But after star calibration mine is coming out red/pink??? See below.

I did star calibration on the the stars down the right hand side of the image, as those are the only ones I have a clear view of. All the others are behind those brown dust clouds so I didn't include them for star calibration.


I've included a link to the uncalibrated FITS file if anyone else would be kind enough to have a stab at it?


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Yeah, images I've taken with one shot colour are more purple. It looks like you've over saturated the colours which may have shifted them.

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Actually, it looks pretty close, the "true" color of Hydrogen-Alpha is in between pink and purple. You can however shift the color calibration a bit, have a look at this recent video in the tutorial section which explains this in a very good way I think;

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