Analyze Stars Not D...

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Analyze Stars Not Detected In Mosaic Mode  


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13/02/2019 5:51 pm  

This is my second week using APP, I borrowed a couple calibrated linear Ha .FITS files from a friend for a two- tile mosaic to try in this program.  Followed the Sara Wager tutorial for mosaics and got up to the point of Registering after running Analyze Stars but the program stops and stays no stars detected.  Adjusted the Analyze Stars slider across the range and reran with the same outcomes.  The owner of the files says he used about 10% overlap and stitched them fine in MaximDL.  Not much data is updated on these files from the Analyze function other than it measuring a FWHM range of 2.23-2.43.  I know of no other adjustments I can make.

Any ideas of where things are going wrong?