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31 July 2020 - Comet Registration video tutorial using APP 1.083-beta1 released.

30 July 2020 - APP 1.083-beta1 has been released introducing Comet processing! This 1st beta has comet registration. The stable release will also include special comet integration modes.

9 July 2020 - New and updated video tutorial using APP 1.081: Complete LRGB Tutorial of NGC292, The Small Magellanic Cloud by Christian Sasse ( and Mabula Haverkamp

2019 September: Astro Pixel Processor and celebrate a new Partnership!

Processing paused when changing Desktop  


White Dwarf Customer
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 14
October 1, 2020 11:28  

On my machine (MacBook Pro 2016, 16GB RAM, macOS Catalina) I have the weird behavior that APP pauses the processing when I switch the active desktop. Is that accidentally or is that a wanted behaviour? It´s a bit a pitty that I can´t switch the desktop while APP is running a calibration, or integration.


Cheers, Nico

Quasar Admin
Joined: 3 years ago
Posts: 2469
October 5, 2020 17:55  

It is not wanted, but does happen it seems. Same thing when your Mac goes to sleep or activates the screensaver. We have no good idea why, but hopefully when we switch from Java 8 to 11, things like this will be solved.