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19 June 2021: Our upload server has been migrated successfully to our new office with higher upload and download speeds (nearly 10MByte/sec up/down ) ! We now have 1 general upload user called: upload with password: upload. The users upload1 - upload5 have been disabled.

31 May 2021: APP 1.083-beta2 has been released ! APP 1.083 stable will follow soon afterwards. It includes a completely new Star Reducer Tool, New File Saver Module, Improved Comet registration and much more, check the release notes here!

DOWNLOADS are available HERE!


Newbie questions  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
Joined: 1 year ago
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July 2, 2020 11:27  

I'm currently using the trial version before deciding if I should purchase.  I'm running on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.5.  I have a couple of things that are really annoying and wanted to get some feedback.

1.) Every time I start the app I have to navigate to my working folder.  As I created my 'base' working folder on another partition, I have to constantly navigate all the back to /Volumes and then down from there.  Why can I not select a base working folder that is saved and used on app launch, so I only have to then navigate down to my working folder (i.e. based on object).

2.) I use the Apple Mouse with touch scroll, however the scrolling in the windows is way too sensitive and I keep going back and forth, for example when zooming into an image or scrolling left/right in the list of frames at the bottom.

3.) Say I want to scroll on star density to select which images to keep and which to reject, I have to scroll all the way over to 'star density', then all the way back to deselect.  I can move the 'star density' column over next to the select boxes, however as soon as I deselect something, the 'star density' column jumps back to it's original position.  This is really frustrating.



Quasar Admin
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July 2, 2020 13:23  

Hi Adrian,

I have been using APP on MacOS for over 1,5 years now.

1) This has been requested many times and @mabula-admin has it on his todo list with other configuration items to make permanent.

2) I have noticed this as well. It takes some practice but if you carefully use the touch pad then it is possible to scroll more slowly.

3) I never tried this so no clue.


HTH, Wouter