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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

Release notes

Download links per platform:

windows 2.0.0-beta2

macOS x86_64 2.0.0-beta2

macOS arm64 M1 2.0.0-beta2

Linux DEB 2.0.0-beta2

Linux RPM 2.0.0-beta2


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Hi, sorry, I am a newly and poor at computers. When I save my image to the directory, who do I open the directory? I see the highlighted bar on the LHS near the top but when I click on it , it gives me lots of options none of which mention APP. When I search on my mac for the directory, it doesn't find it


Brown Dwarf Customer
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If I understand you well; the button on the left is for setting the working directory for APP. The location for your (automatic) results is requested in a popup at the start of execution on your image. If you by hand save images (right side button) an location and filename can be adjusted. The save location APP suggest there might also be an indication where your results were stored in the first place.

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