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19 June 2021: Our upload server https://upload.astropixelprocessor.com/ has been migrated successfully to our new office with higher upload and download speeds (nearly 10MByte/sec up/down ) ! We now have 1 general upload user called: upload with password: upload. The users upload1 - upload5 have been disabled.

31 May 2021: APP 1.083-beta2 has been released ! APP 1.083 stable will follow soon afterwards. It includes a completely new Star Reducer Tool, New File Saver Module, Improved Comet registration and much more, check the release notes here!

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1.083-beta2 : cannot save results from Star Reduction  


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September 15, 2021 00:09  

Star reduction tool works properly, but when I try to "save stars reduced/removed" it asks for a destination folder (NOT for a filename) and then a blank file saving dialog pops up that does not progress at all (I can cancel)

I can save a file from the viewer "Save" button (top right), so it's not too much of an issue, but it kind of breaks the workflow.

(That said it's a beta so I can imagine things will be fixed by Release time!)


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September 16, 2021 19:40  

Hi @b4silio,

Thank you very much for sharing the issue. It will work better in the stable release for sure 😉 !