Nearly 4.5 hours on...
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Nearly 4.5 hours on the California Nebula  


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February 26, 2021 13:44  

Finally stacked the data I acquired over two night on the California Nebula, with my new (well, second-hand) ASI183MM-Pro. I shot a load of short subs without guiding using an Astronomik 12 nm H-alpha filter, and Canon 200mm F/2.8 L lens. Unfortunately, APT assumed the new camera was a colour camera with RGGB bayer pattern. Using "no interpolation" debayer method as suggested in APP got reasonable results, but also produced some odd artefacts. I therefore retook the darks with APT set to interpreting the camera as monochrome, and edited the FITS headers of the master flat and lights to remove any mention of the bayer pattern, and ensuring everything was treated as monochrome, and lo and behold, it worked, Now I need to add some colour to this

NGC 1499 16140.0s SC 1 3.0 none x 1.0 LZ3 NS full qua add sc BWMV nor AAD RE MBB5 St

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