Mosaic of Orion wit...

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Mosaic of Orion with A7m3 at 135mm f/2 in 64 Mpix  


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25/02/2019 4:55 pm  


This is a mosaic of 3 planels (total of 6 hour exposure time with 30s each frame) fully preprocessed with APP 1.071. This rocks. And good news to see 1.072 will process sony ARW 🤩 

Sony A7III modded  (800 iso, exposure 30s)
Samyang 135mm at f/2
StarAdventurer mini mount, no guiding

Preprocessing in 3 panels of 2h each, bayer drizzle method, then mosaic assembly (this was running very fine).

Version 36Mp :

Version 64Mp :


Orion A7III 135mm 1Mp


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Hi Philippe @ccd2048 😉

This is simply an awesome result, amazing !

Thank you very much for sharing.

You must have had good atmospheric conditions I assume? Where did you shoot this (if I may ask...) ?



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26/02/2019 8:19 am  

Thank you Mabula

It has been tacken earlier this month in Chile desert, in the observatory "El-Sauce" where we have our 2 remote telescopes (CIEL AUSTRAL Team).

We were there for maintenance and upgrade, so I bring my light astrophoto DSLR and mount 😊 





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