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Multi session DLSR - best practice  


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May 9, 2021 10:16  

New to APP , and watching and reading as much tutorials / faqs as I can.

Cant seem to find a specific way to get the best output from Multiple sessions in my Bortle 8 area , of the same target over a period of months. At the basic level If I use the same Focal length , exposure , ISO settings over multiple nights am I better to combine either :

1. Integrate all in one go using the multi session option.

2. Integrate each night separately as 1 session. Then combine the integrated final non stretched fits produced at the end of each session together. Will it treat the final integrated Fits from each session as ‘Light’ files that have been fully processed . So in effect I’m stacking the final files from each night together?





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May 9, 2021 19:59  

You can create integrations of a few nights together (ideally over 40 subs at least). This will not stress your system as much as combining everything (which requires a big system ususally). Those integrations can then be combined again when you have them all, the result should be quite nice doing it that way and yes, you can load integrations as lights. No calibration frames then of course as they should've been used already for the integrations.