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Crash in windows  


White Dwarf Customer
Joined: 1 year ago
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May 31, 2020 12:40  

I am getting some kind of Java exception ( a null pointer exception). This happens after sthe star analyzer, I believe. The last bit of logging is here

12:36:32 - GENERAL IMAGE LOADER: cancelled loading frame C:\Users\sander\Documents\Astrofotografie\Camera_1\2020-05-30\sluiernevel\L_M13_0043_120s__27C.CR2
12:36:32 - FRAME DETAILS UPDATER: starting...
12:36:32 - FRAME DETAILS UPDATER: no new frames to add
12:36:32 - FRAME DETAILS UPDATER: rebuilding all frame details...
12:36:32 - FRAME DETAILS UPDATER: checking if frames were identified earlier...
12:36:32 - FRAME DETAILS UPDATER: updated succesfully
12:36:32 - CONSTRUCT FRAME DETAILS LIST: starting...
12:36:32 - CONSTRUCT FRAME DETAILS LIST: sorting frames...
12:36:32 - CONSTRUCT FRAME DETAILS LIST: Fixing file arrays...
12:36:32 - CONSTRUCT FRAME DETAILS LIST: numbering frames...
12:36:32 - CONSTRUCT FRAME DETAILS LIST: adding frame marks...

The error message itself cannot be copied from the window. I'll be happy to upload more info, if I knew where to find it. 

Universe Admin
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June 2, 2020 10:48  

It states the loading was cancelled on top, did you cancel it in between maybe?