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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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Working with different Algorithms on 0) Raw/Fits tab

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I use 2 filters mainly with my 183C Protec. Skytech L pro Max and Altair Quadband. I have taken some subs of the wizard nebula using both filters over a couple of nights. Normally I would use Adaptive Airy Disc with L Pro subs and Ha-Oiii color for the quadband subs. What I was wondering is can I add both of theses sets of subs into the same integration using the multi session processing tab? Or do I have to run them separately and add them together at the end using the combine RGB tool? 

Would just like to say I am loving Astropixelprocessor and am looking forward to updates and any additions you add, great work.



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Hi @glennbloke.

I was in your same situations months ago, when i wanted to blend some L-Pro filter images with L-Enhance ones.

I couldn't find any better way except this one:

But in the future, if we can have a quicker and reliable method, as we'd like, it would be a wonderful approcah.

Waiting for a more exhaustive answer from @vincent-mod and/or @mabula-admin...

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The problem is that you can't normalize narrow-band data with broadband data. So that workflow you linked to is a good way to do it. Ofcourse we will work on making this more clear and easier as well.