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Combining RGB with L-eNhance Lights

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I'm a novice, and just purchased APP and first use was with some NEOWISE images that IMHO came out nicely but for the vignetting & LP correction.

There's a post on combining RGB with Ha & OIII data using an Optolong L-eNhance.


  1. I'm using an ASI183MM Pro with RGB&L filters plus L-eNhance filter (filter set in slot 5).  Using the same approach as described in the tutorial, should I be taking subs with the RGB&L (combining these) and then use the L-eNhance subs in lieu of the Ha & OIII data?
  2. Or, should I just use the L-eNhance as my luminance data, and collect/combine the RGB as described in the tutorial?
  3. I've also got a L-pro filter - would there be any advantage to use this as my luminance filter, and use the L-eNhance as my proxy for the Ha & OIII?

Sadly, my location is in a Bortle 5/6 (have a delightful sodium street light) that really compromises my imaging toward the SW.  The L-eNhance has been a real blessing but can't fix everything.

Unrelated, but here's my novice attempt to capture NEOWISE, and processed with APP - no flats, darks, or bias.  Next session will capture these to improve the integration but still working on how to do these with the HyperStar.

Neowise 07232020

thanks, Jim