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Hold Loaded frames in memory after Integration, and Time Between Frames  


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October 19, 2018 00:50  

Hi Mabula

I'm totally loving APP! I'm consistently amazed by what you have managed to achieve so far. I know i will be using APP for many years to come, so please keep up the good work 🙂

I have a couple of small improvement ideas i just thought of.

1. The file list already gives the exact time that each frame was shot. But it would be good to see beside it, a column that gives the time in seconds between one frame and the next. This way, it would be easy to see a visualisation of the inter-frame delay. This could be useful in determining if one needs to tweak their dithering settings, which for the newer CMOS cameras (of which i don't own!) is pretty important, as they usually use shorter exposures.

2. I sometimes like to do a few different stacks and compare them. For example, a regular Average stack, A Bayer Drizzled one, and an x2 Drizzle one. But each time i have to do the new Integration, APP still has to re-load all the light frames again. And if you have a lot of subs, this can take up quite a lot of time. Would it be possible to keep the already loaded frames in memory until, say, the user closes APP? That could really speed up doing multiple stacks! 🙂


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