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GUI Improvements  


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February 7, 2019 15:45  

I like that APP has improved my processing workflow immensely (I don't need a degree in astrophysics or imaging to use!) - but user interface design is an important aspect not to be overlooked in usability and think there could be improvements. In a future V2.0 release, I would like to see the interface improved:

  • A huge help is the navigated approach: Step 1) Load, Step 2) Calibrate... Step 6) Integrate - but I think moving this to flow from Left to Right along the top and full width of the screen will enhance this feature.
  • Along with the navigated panels along the top of the screen, each panel should be context sensitive.
    • Currently most of the up front effort is done using a small portion of the screen - the loading of images, adjusting of calibration, etc. The rest of the screen estate is wasted. The result is that important information might be compromised to fit into a small window. By using a context sensitive panel, so that loading files will show feature related to loading files, presented in a more user-friendly way. Or Calibration may give a better workflow if the whole screen can be used instead of squashed over to the left.
  • Image editing window that is always displayed on the right is painful! It has letters representing important sliders, and it takes a good few scans of the interface, or "trying sliders" to work out what they do. It's also unclear whether a label belongs to slider above or below because the spacing is equal. ST? BA? If you had more screen to work with, these would be so cryptic and much more user-friendly.


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February 20, 2019 12:56  

I  also agree with the second point. The shortcuts are often confusing and the scale of the sliders should be from 0-100.

CS Gernot

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February 22, 2019 00:22  

This is the RFC section of the forum, a request for change. We of course always read those, but we sometimes have to pick and choose with answering questions versus requests etc. Due to busy schedules, sometimes it happens all at once. Sorry for that. In many cases for the RFC section, I can't really help either, just respond with the fact these are (as per usual in this community) great requests and we're taking them along.