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File List enhancements and observations  


Brown Dwarf Customer
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February 15, 2020 17:08  

Thank you for finally showing just the filename instead of very long file paths in the file list. 😀 However, there is still much improvement needed:

1) The File Name column always sizes itself to fill nearly 2/3rd of the screen when now that file names are far smaller, this chews up space forcing you resize the column to see other fields or scroll right which is annoying

2) Changes to the file list column sizing or order is lost the moment you do anything (for example, delete a file) and you have to reorganize your columns again. Your changes should persist at least for the current session.

3) There is no way to turn off unneeded columns. This wastes valuable real-estate.

4) The delete dialog shows the entire file path and name of the files(s) you want to delete. This is very annoying because you have to scroll right every time to see the filename. An option on the dialog should be made available to toggle the file path on or off.

5) It would be far better to delete file by placing them into the recycle bin rather than deleting them straight out. This is dangerous and on numerous occasions, I have inadvertently delete the wrong files. I don't know how this happens, but sometimes I choose file 1 and file 3 gets deleted. It might be a context error (where my cursor was before calling Delete from the context menu) but it happens often and it scares me. 😯 

Thank You

Quasar Admin
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February 16, 2020 15:35  

Hi, thanks a lot for these points! Always good to hear, I'll pass them to Mabula.

Molecular Cloud Customer
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February 16, 2020 17:34  

Hi Vincent,

to add on points 1-2) of: jm:

It would really add value for the users to be able to save their customized column sizes ,  sorting and column activation in a preference file and APP would load this on each session so each screen refresh would present the data as defined by the user.

Different users have different needs so there will not be any single layout that satisfies everyone anyway. So why not empower the user to decide what he really needs? 



Quasar Admin
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February 16, 2020 18:04  


Yes, that would be "saving my settings" which is a much heard request, it's on the top of features Mabula is planning for the next releases.