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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.083.2

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Astro Pixel Processor 1.083.2 release notes, this is a quick release after the stable release to fix a couple of issues that were reported on 1.083.

  • FIXED, CONCURRENCY ISSUE IN CALIBRATION ENGINE, as mentioned in this topic the calibration engine was not behaving properly. It could not find masterdarkflats for flat calibration in this case allthough they were provided. It was a concurrency issue which will occur if more than 1 master is created in MasterBias, MasterDark, MasterDarkFlat, MasterFlat creation.
  • FIXED, REGISTRATION, if registration fails on 1 or more frame the actual count of successfully registered frames was not correct.
  • IMPROVED, FITS HEADER,  APP will now read and use the following fits tags as used by MaximDL, BAYERPAT = VALID and XBAYROFF & YBAYROFF to interpret the correct Bayer Pattern for Bayer data.
  • IMPROVED, FITS HEADER, APP will now use the GAINRAW tag to find the GAIN for images shot with TheSKy.
  • FIXED, STAR REDUCER TOOL, if a too high kappa was set for the noise threshold, the tool could produce a Null Pointer Exception, because no stars were found... This can happen quickly when non-linear data is loaded into the tool. Now this exception is caught and the tool indicates that you need to lower the thresholds...
  • IMPROVED, RGB COMBINE TOOL, I have added 2 more preset formula for the famous Hubble Palette or SHO composite. You now have SHO1, SHO2, a new SHO3 and a new SHO4.
RGB Combine SHO1
RGB Combine SHO2
RGB Combine SHO3
RGB Combine SHO4
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