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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.045

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 Astro Pixel Processor 1.045

  • Fixed and changed, the batch modify tool is now integrated into the left control panel of the main window
app BatchModify
  • Fixed, in the batch modify tool, the confirmation file list of the batch you want to perform, is now forced to the foreground and has scrollbars now, which are needed if you want to batch process a lot of files
app BatchModify confirm
  • improvement, the batch modify tool can now directly be used on the image in the image viewer panel. Other tools will be upgraded/adjusted soon.
  • Fixed, bug in mosaic mode, not "same camera and optics". Mosaic mode could fail due to wrong if statement.
  • Fixed, removed a bug that could popup if you enable distortion correction while registering frames that simply can't be registered to each other.
  • Fixed, removed another bug in "same camera and optics" disabled mosaic mode, which would occur with very low star counts in the panels. The complex model wouldn't complete and simple model wouldn't start.
  • improvement, in all cases where data interpolation is done (registration, normalization, integration, batch rotate/resize tool) "no under/overshoot" is on by default now.
  • Fixed, integration bug, stack wasn't saved with any of the integration output maps enabled. Reported by minusman.