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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.033-5  


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May 6, 2017 12:53  

Astro Pixel Processor 1.033-5

  • FIXED CANON MakerNote metadata, Now the CR2Loader should be much quicker (for a Canon 6D 2-3 seconds quicker) and the memory consumption is drastically reduced. Maybe this is also related to the problem of Kees on Linux Mint...
  • FIXED for NIKON Makernote metadata as well, NEFLoader is now quicker, about 0,5 seconds. Less memory footprint as well.
  • FIXED license verification issues, issues arise when a computer has multiple mac addresses of which some are virtual. MacOS is problematic ( Marc, Vincent, Mabula)
  • FIXED APP crashes fast on MInt Linux, using the 8GB deb package. (Ubuntu seems to work fine though with this package). (Kees)
  • FIXED trim String of license input for license activation (Rob)
  • CHANGED Set default for images to stack to 100% (Mabula)
  • CHANGED Set default for LNC to off (Mabula)
  • FIXED File chooser should always open at latest directory, default behaviour for all apps? (Yves)
  • FIXED Behaviour of save registered frames:  will alway save registered frames in full composition mode. So all pixels of all frames to be registered will be taken into account. All registered frames will have the same dimensions.
  • FIXED bug when star analysis starts where first light is unselected, gave no Star analysis results for selected lights.
  • FIXED A reference can only be selected when it is star analysed (Rob, Mabula)
  • FIXED Normalization won't run when ref is disabled on first line of file list.  Solved by letting APP choose the best available registered light for normalization based on the quality parameter after registration(Rob, Mabula)
  • FIXED disable save registered frames until frames are registered (Rob)
  • CHANGED disable saturation preview stretch by default, because it's slower than no saturation stretch

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