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What is the best method for combining data over multiple sessions?  


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February 8, 2019 12:21  

Hi, When doing multi-session processing I can see three methods:

  1. Use Lights, Flats, Darks etc using multi-session in 1) Load
  2. Use the final integrated images as Lights and add additional Lights using multi-session
  3. Use calibrated frames

There appears to be limitations with #1 - I can't add more than 5 sessions, plus it gets very very long winded without the ability to load a previous session's list of files.

I recently tried #2 but I spend a long time then trying to normalise backgrounds and blending of edges and can't do in a satisfactory way

I've not tried #3 but ran into a bug where saving more than 10 calibrated frames ended up overwriting files due to filename problems  (edit: Although using 1.071 doesn't seem to have this problem - so will assume for now that is fixed/an anomaly). #3 sounds most appealing - am I  correct in thinking that I can then forget about my previous flats/dark flats/darks, etc and can just load these as Lights for future combination? That would make #1 much more appealing again - if the 5 session limit can be lifted?


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